General Residence Management Company

If you’re in need of a skilled property manager for your investment properties, look no further than General Home Management Company. Our team of experienced real estate professionals is dedicated to meeting the needs of our residents and clients. With expertise in residential property acquisition and management, we provide top-notch services.

Superior Buyer Experience and Customer Service
At General Home, we prioritize client service and aim to deliver a superior buyer experience through effective communication and accessibility. Our partners have a background in residential real estate sales and development management since 1984. We have been acquiring and managing residential properties since 1998, ensuring a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Local Expertise and Innovative Technology
Our management team has deep roots in Detroit and the surrounding suburbs, with years of personal and business history in the area. This unique perspective allows us to provide exceptional service to our clients who own investment properties in our region. We leverage cutting-edge proprietary technology to streamline operations and provide efficient property management services.

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